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WOW Consulting Group works to develop today’s leaders. We help leaders identify their development needs by analyzing their strategic business goals, leadership challenges and current experience. WOW’s coaching approach includes personality assessments, using 360 feedback instruments and developing an action plan designed to enhance leadership accountability. Our coaching process takes into account the four types of leaders:
  • The Emerging Leader
  • The Strategic Leader
  • The Executive Leader
  • The Transitioning Leader
Each stage presents its own unique challenges and requires a process tailored to fit these demands.

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WOW Faith

WOW Faith is a division of WOW Consulting Group specializing in faith-based programs designed to help clients identify their divine purpose in life. We do this through life coaching, faith-based seminars and retreats.

Life Coaching

WOW Faith offers life coaching for clients interested in a faith-based approach for identifying their life purpose. In this context, all areas of life are examined – Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical – to create a balanced life plan that aids in achieving overall contentment and satisfaction in living life purposefully.

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