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Title: 7 Habits of Servant Leaders   Send to a Friend
Date: 05/19/2009    

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7 Habits of Servant Leaders
 Several years ago in his groundbreaking book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Stephen Covey described what made some people more effective then others.  Some of the habits described in his book are very similar to those practiced by servant leaders.  Much has been written about the servant leadership model.  But what distinguishes the servant leader from other leaders?  What makes them unique in how they lead others? 

The seven habits of Servant Leaders:

1.      Servant leaders serve.  Rather than looking for how others can serve them, they are constantly looking for ways to serve others while taking care of the needs of the organization.  They are good at anticipating the needs of others, whether it is their team members, their customers, their colleagues, or their boss.

2.      Servant leaders listen.  They believe that what others have to say is important and they demonstrate it by actively listening to others.  They practice rephrasing, acknowledging emotions, and using non-verbal cues to give their full attention to those speaking to them.

3.      Servant leaders provide timely feedback.  Rather than shying away from giving their insights or opinions, they use it as an opportunity to help others excel.  They view feedback as a way to engage in the process of building others up and know how to give difficult messages in a compassionate way.

4.      Servant leaders invest in others.  Always looking for opportunities to mentor or come along side others, they view their leadership role as a calling and a privilege. 

5.      Servant leaders are continuous learners.  It is this habit that makes them especially unique.  They never believe that they ‘know it all’ even when they may be a clear expert on the subject.  They have a great desire to learn more and become even better at whatever they are involved in.

6.      Servant leaders know when to follow.  They understand that real leaders are not threatened by the leadership of others.  Instead they see it as an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other leaders.

7.      Servant leaders are accessible.  Despite busy calendars and great demands on their time, they give others the sense that they are available.  They know how to put people first and how to prioritize their time.

As you lead others, remember to serve.  Serve your team.  Serve your customers.  Serve your organization.  Be assured, when you serve, others will follow.

Journaling assignment:
How many of the seven habits are you currently practicing as a leader?  What are some ways that you can incorporate these habits into your current leadership approach?

Until next time, make it a WOW day!

Warm wishes,

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Mary E. Banks, a leadership, life coach and speaker, is the author of The Multi-Faced Woman, Living by Faith 9 to 5 and her soon to be released, Hope for Troubled Times.

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7 Habits of Servant Leade ...     05/19/09
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